Trademark application procedure Uruguay



  • Applicant’s name and address
  • International classes to be covered by the application or list of products.
  • Please note that, under Uruguayan trademark regulations, it is possible at the applicant’s option, to claim the entire class, or list the specific goods to be covered. (our country does not require use or intent-to-use in order to file a trademark application, and use is not required in order to maintain trademark registration in force and effect).


A Power of Attorney form, duly signed by the applicant (no certification or legalization is required). You can send a scanned copy by e-mail and send the original by mail. Please fill in the applicant’s name and address. Please also provide the name of the signator and his position in the Company. The inclusion of text in a language other tan Spanish will require translation into Spanish.

We must have the Power of Attorney available prior to the filing of the trademark applications. Otherwise, the Trademark Office will grant us an unextendible 30-day term as of the filing date, for the filling of the Power of Attorney

The date of execution of the Power of Attorney must be on or before the filling date

If the mark is a label or logo, send electronic copy, or alternatively, if they were already printed:

  • One print, if colours are not claimed.
  • Ten prints, if colours are claimed.

Download the printable authorization form.

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