Patent application procedure Uruguay


Name and address of the applicant. The applicant may be either an individual or a legal entity. Name of Inventor(s). Title of the Invention.

  1. Power of Attorney: signed by the applicant (no certification or legalization required).
  2. Patent Specification
  3. Abstract of the Invention
  4. Claims
  5. Figures: (if applicable)

The Specification, Abstract and Claims, must be filed in Spanish. We provide translation services at our end.

Convention Priority:

Uruguay is a member of the Paris Convention. Uruguayan Patent Office accepts a 12- month priority, as of the original filing date. If Paris Convention Priority is claimed, a Certified copy of the foreign application will be required. This document does not need legalization. A Sworn Translation of this document into Spanish is required by the P.T.O..

Uruguay is not a member of P.C.T.