BackForeign direct investment in Uruguay 20/21

Foreign direct investment in Uruguay 20/21

Uruguay XXI presented the new Report on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Uruguay. The report notes that while the COVID-19 pandemic will affect FDI flows, changes in international investment trends constitute an opportunity for the country. Due to its institutional quality, clear rules of the game, macroeconomic stability, financial and trade openness, along with outstanding infrastructure, wide availability of qualified human capital and resilience to external shocks, Uruguay is positioned as an attractive destination for investors.

Uruguay is a country open to foreign investment and where there is a broad consensus regarding the importance of FDI for the development of the national economy. Successive administrations have generated an adequate investment climate, with a friendly environment for doing business, a stable and attractive legal regime, and a regulatory and institutional framework that adapts to the needs of investors.
Along these lines, the report states that the economic growth of the last decade has led to investment opportunities in various sectors - agribusiness, forestry, wood, cannabis, global services and renewable energies - as well as in specific investment projects.

Likewise, the Uruguayan government has already introduced regulatory changes that favor investment, both national and foreign. Due to its good management of the global health crisis and its outstanding performance in environmental, social and governance factors, Uruguay stands out as a preferential partner for doing business among emerging countries.

Source: Uruguay XXI "New intelligence report on foreign direct investment in Uruguay 20/21"
Publication date: 12/22/2020