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Single Cigarette Packaging

The amparo appeal filed by the tobacco companies Montepaz and La Republicana, against the measures included in a 2017 law concerning the generic packaging of cigarettes, aimed at battling tobacco consumption, was dismissed in Uruguay.

In effect, this law mainly establishes that tobacco products marketed in the country must be presented with a health legend that occupies 80% of all sides of the package, with a single presentation per brand, with the same color (Pantone 448c) and not including characteristics such as being the "light".

The aforementioned tobacco companies considered these measures illegitimate, threatening rights recognized by the Constitution and legitimate industrial and intellectual property rights, as well as the right to health, by making it difficult for the consumer to properly identify the product to be acquired.

Consequently, by virtue of this recent judicial resolution, the law will finally continue its course and from January 2020 the cigarette boxes in Uruguay will be sold under a single presentation, complying with all the measures mentioned above.