BackDenmark and Uruguay: Leaders in Wind Power Generation

Denmark and Uruguay: Leaders in Wind Power Generation

According to a report by the consultancy firm SEG Ingeniería, Uruguay ranks second in the world among the countries with the highest share of wind power in their electricity mix, with this renewable source providing 40.1 percent of the South American country’s power production. Uruguay is also the only non-European country featured among the top ranking nations.

In the month of September, wind energy supplied 48.94 percent of the country’s electricity demand, a historic record for Uruguay. Moreover, in just nine years the country’s wind power installed capacity soared from a 14.6 megawatts (MW) to the 1,510 MW it has today. There are currently over 600 wind turbines distributed in wind farms throughout the country.

Source: 2017 Wind Technologies Market Report, SEG Ingeniería - U.S. Department of Energy