BackUruguay and Argentina sign judicial cooperation agreement

Uruguay and Argentina sign judicial cooperation agreement

Uruguay and Argentina have entered into a cooperation agreement to enhance collaboration, cooperation, and communication relations between the judicial bodies of the two countries. The agreement, which went into force on December 6, will be implemented through annual projects.

The framework agreement was signed by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of Uruguay and the Federal Board of Courts and Higher Courts of Justice of the Argentine Provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, with the parties undertaking to mutually exchange information, with the exception of confidential information, and to respect each other’s intellectual property rights over any content, courses, studies, activities, or products that may arise from the implementation of the agreement.

The initial work plan will focus on improving direct judicial communications on the subject of international cooperation. To that end the parties have established contact avenues, in addition to committing to organize and carry out reciprocal visits that will enable joint diagnoses and proposals.