BackLatin America’s best airport is in Uruguay

Latin America’s best airport is in Uruguay

Carrasco International Airport, in Uruguay’s capital city of Montevideo, has been ranked as the top terminal for overall airport experience in the Best Airports in South America 2016 survey conducted by The Guide to Sleeping in Airports, a web portal that has been reviewing the industry for 20 years.

The ranking is based on the opinions of over 25,000 travelers who are asked to rate airports around the world on various aspects, including: comfort; services, facilities, and things to do; food options; cleanliness; security; and customer service.

Uruguay’s main airport is currently on its way to becoming the first energy self-sufficient terminal, fully powered by its own renewable sources. To achieve this it plans to build a solar panel park on four hectares adjacent to the airport. The park is expected to generate 3-4 megawatts.

In addition to this recent distinction, in the year 2013 its design earned it the best airport in the world award in an architecture contest that included 52 different categories, with a total of 87 winning buildings.