BackU.S. Recommends investing in Uruguay

U.S. Recommends investing in Uruguay

In a recently-issued guide, the United States Embassy in Uruguay highlights a number of advantages offered by the local market to potential U.S. investors.

Among the strong points that make Uruguay an attractive place for investing, the U.S. Embassy underscores the government’s open attitude towards foreign investors and the excellent dealings it has with them, the transparency of the Judicial Branch, and the country’s efficient banking system. It also emphasizes Uruguay’s significant economic growth, the private consumption levels underpinning that growth, and an open trade policy.

Other strengths noted are the strategic location, which make it an invaluable regional distribution platform, and the fact that domestic and foreign investors are treated alike.

There are currently 120 U.S. companies operating in Uruguay with a US$ 1.3 billion investment stock and a total of 15,000 employees. In recent years, U.S. investment in Uruguay has increased annually at an average of US$ 77 million.