BackUruguay Leads Latin America in Transparency

Uruguay Leads Latin America in Transparency

An annual report issued by Transparency International found that in 2015 Uruguay was Latin America’s least corrupt country.
According to the 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index, which gathers data from 168 countries, Denmark is the frontrunner among the least corrupt nations in the world. This study measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption based on the opinions of experts from the private sector.

Of the 100 points that a country can score in transparency, Uruguay obtained 74, positioning it at number 21, the same level as in 2014 (when it scored 73 points) and 17 points below leading scorer Denmark.

The top five most transparent countries worldwide are Denmark (with 91 points), Finland (90), Sweden (89), New Zealand (88), and Holland (87).
In the region, Uruguay is followed closely by Chile, which ranked twenty-third (with 70 points), Costa Rica coming in at number 40 (with 55), Cuba at 56 (with 47), and Jamaica at 69 (with 41).